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If the name Daniel Meachum sounds familiar it is because he has represented celebrities like Michael Vick and Wesley Snipes in high-profile cases. He is one of the shrewdest and most sought after attorneys in the country. Personality and charm combined with legal prowess has propelled Meachum to the pinnacle of his career.

Meachum was born and raised in the small town of Badin, North Carolina. As an only child, he received full attention from his parents with whom he credits his success. He attributes his work ethic to his father and his value for self-respect to his mother. He was raised during a time when race could have presented a huge stumbling block to achieving his goals. However, Meachum's parents, religious foundation and innate drive made it virtually impossible for him not to reach his destiny. “My father was my hero. I owe the man I am today to my father. My mom believed I could do anything I put my mind to," Meachum says.

Since he was in the fourth grade, Meachum knew he would be an attorney. His introduction to law came from the renowned, late Julius Chambers' representation of the black employees who sought to reap the benefits of the United States Steelworkers of America. His knowledge of this legal battle and being informed of Chambers' impact ignited the spark that lit his passion for law.

As a graduate of Howard Law School and a recipient of a Master's of Laws degree from University of Brussels, Meachum was armed and ready to begin what has become a very successful career. Early on he gained valuable experiences as the Chief Assistant City Solicitor for the City of Philadelphia defending municipal lawsuits. He also represented educational institutions and corporations such as Concessions International and Butch Lewis Productions, Incorporated.

Throughout his legal career, Meachum has rubbed shoulders and collaborated with some of the best lawyers across the nation. He is respected among his peers and is named among the top legal giants. His incomparable work ethic, reputation for winning and philosophy on his role has kept him at the top of referral lists. “I have always approached my practice with the belief that I have to do the best | humanly can for my clients- and that means exhausting all possible means," Meachum says.

His boutique law firm, located in the heart of downtown Atlanta, handles criminal matters, entertainment contracts and everything in between. Although he has gained notoriety for his entertainment work, Meachum describes himself as a trial attorney. Since he first became a member of the bar in 1984, he has honed his skills as a quick-witted trial attorney. Today he relies on the legal experience he has amassed over the years in providing his clients with the best representation.

The success he has experienced is unmatched and he counts himself very blessed. "Success is defined by where you start and where you end up," Meachum says. He has a great appreciation for those who came before him and blazed the trails that have allowed him to experience a tremendous career and life.

His life's work will not end as a lawyer as he is working to create Ubiquitous Studios that will consist of a school to teach students film and animation. “I want to create jobs and education and provide it to people who may not have the access," he says.

With all of his experience and through all of the people he enjoys sharing his abundance of wisdom with young lawyers. “I tell young lawyers, if all of the smart lawyers were only at the big firms, the judicial system would be inadequately served, and a poor representation of the principles not reflective of the society in which we live. Work so hard that it will make the big firms wonder how they missed you." Certainly Meachum knows the value of hard work and is reaping the results.

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