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Stevie J’s attorney calls $1 million child support allegations ‘preposterous

Stevie J, the star of “Love and Hip Hop Atlanta,” was released from Fulton County jail on a $25,000 bond Wednesday in federal court. But he still has to face allegations that he owes more than $1 million in unpaid child-support payments for two children he had with an an unnamed woman going back 13 years.

He was imprisoned Tuesday. TMZ got wind of it and released video of the arrest that day.

The 40-year-old record producer, whose real name is Steven Jordan, is expected to go to federal court in New York next.

Stevie J’s attorney Daniel R. Meachum released a statement denying the $1.1 million amount as accurate. In fact, he used the word “preposterous.”

Having reviewed the criminal complaint that we were given in court, we find it mathematically impossible for my client to have been that supportive financially over the years and the allegations of him owing a million dollars. We think the alleged amount is preposterous. We plan on proving that if there is an amount owed, it is definitely not a million dollars, nor anything close to that amount.

Court documents show he was required to pay almost $6,600 a month in child care support starting in 1999. That was upped to $8,557 a month in 2011.

A news release from the office of the Manhattan U.S. Attorney said Jordan’s payments have been in arrears since March, 2001. The government claims he owes $1,107,412.

Some of his earnings have been garnished.

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