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CNN, Turner facing discriminatory lawsuit

ATLANTA -- Time Warner is facing a lawsuit from current and former employees who allege that the company uses discriminatory practices against minorities.

Time Warner subsidiaries CNN and Turner have specifically been named in the lawsuit. Lead attorney Daniel Meachum of Daniel Meachum and Associates held a press conference Wednesday to discuss his plaintiffs' case.

Only two accusers -- Celeste Henley and Ernest Colbert -- have been named thus far.

In a prepared media statement, Meachum and Associates stated that the three companies take on "hiring, promotional and disciplinary policies and practices" that continue to negatively effect African American employees.

Meachum did note that at least 30 others have since come forward in the lawsuit. However, they will not be named.

"That is not the face that Turner wants to put on," said Meachum. "But that's the reality of the people that work there."

"If the media scrutinizes what people do, they should really scrutinize themselves of how they're treating the people that support them," he added.

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